Joke Le Poole Featured on The Female Founders Network Podcast

Joke Le Poole, Max Foundation's founder, was recently featured on The Female Founders Network podcast. The Female Founders Network is a collective of nearly 2,000 women that have founded their own businesses. The group exists as a space for women to support each other by sharing advice, ideas and successes, and as a tool to grow their networks.

In this episode of the podcast, Joke discusses how the loss of her son, Max, inspired the creation of Max Foundation. Joke wants to prevent other parents from experiencing the pain that she went through in the most effective and efficient way. This mindset drives Max Foundation's work and ensures that we reach as many people as possible. From primarily fundraising among friends and family, to receiving multi-million Euro grants from governmental organisations, Joke details the growth of Max Foundation over its 15-year history.

Joke also talks about what she's learned over the last 15 years of running a non-profit, including the importance of engaging with local stakeholders. For those of you interested in starting your own non-profit, she also offers some tips and advice for navigating this exciting, yet challenging, environment:

“I would say go for it[…]Use your brain to make the right decisions because the money in the sector is limited and you should go for the biggest impact[…]And don’t do it alone; find the right people to go on this journey.”

You can listen to the episode here.

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