Meet Champa Begum

Twenty-six years old Champa Begum lives in the village Gerabunia, in the Southern Coastal region of Bangladesh. She has a small family with a son of fourteen and a daughter of three years old. While her husband works as a day labourer, their financial means were minimal, and they struggled to provide for their family’s basic necessities. One of the tools used in the Max NutriWASH programme to ensure good nutrition for children is that of homestead gardening, where people are encouraged to cultivate vegetables in their own backyards.

Champa Begum actively attended the monthly sessions conducted by Max NutriWASH staff in her village. She became interested to grow vegetables in her backyard, but she lacked proper planning to do so. Community Health Promoters advised Champa Begum on site selection and bed preparation, as well as which seeds to plant; Indian spinach, okra, amaranth, bitter gourd, and others.

Eventually, her husband started cooperating in the vegetable garden. Together they started cultivating different seasonal vegetables in their home area. Her husband started selling various vegetables from their garden in the local market every day. Through the planting of vegetables, Champa is now meeting the nutritional needs of her family.

At the same time, the surplus vegetables that are being sold on the market have helped her to become financially solvent. She now cultivates vegetables in the backyard in year-round. Champa said attending the Max NutriWASH sessions in her village has changed her life, supporting her to take this initiative and implement it with wonderful results for her family.

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