Max Tapwater and the delta plan: an interview with Riad Mahmud

Nextblue founder Joep Janssen travelled to Bangladesh, where he interviewed our country director Riad Mahmud in Dhaka. They spent the day together with Product Development Manager Maartje Pronk, talking about our business spin-off Max TapWater, and its opportunities to shape the attitude towards safe, in-home access to water.

In his article, Joep outlines different approached to climate change resilience and water security in Bangladesh: the large-scale delta plan, which will be implemented by the government, and the smaller scale, participatory approach of piped-water schemes, implemented by Max TapWater.

A very interesting article, which is well-worth the read! You can find the article here:

Oh, and, why not check out the brand new Max TapWater website as well?! 

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