Impact Report 2019

We are very happy to share our Impact Report 2019 with you! 

Download the Impact Report 2019 here

In 2019 we really showed our business-driven character - which is why we chose the title making business work! We registered our business spin-off Max TapWater as a company in the Netherlands, and we have made significant steps in the field of data collection: we developed a platform for data-analysis and visualisation, so we can strive to be even more effective in the future.

Take a look at our results in 2019, read through last year's highlights, and take some time for the 'Max Foundation Specials' - articles shedding light on some of the unique and important aspects of our work. 


The Financial Report will be published on October 1st. Due to restrictions related to COVID-19 the financial audit has had to be delayed.

We want to extend our deepest thanks to our institutional grantors, business financiers and individual donors - provate sector and individuals, and our partners, for making all this possible. We are looking forward to continuing sharing our journey with you in the years to come, and to strive for a future in which everybody gets a healthy start in life.

Download the Impact Report 2019 here

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