Max TapWater wins Energy Globe Award

Our business spin-off Max TapWater has officially been nominated for the Energy Globe Award! Max TapWater has won the prize in Bangladesh, and will now compete internationally with other sustainable initiatives.

The „Energy Globe“ - The World Award for Sustainability - is one of today’s most renowned environmental prizes. It has been presented annually since 1999, and aims to act as a multiplier: highlighting and increasing the awareness about the great initiatives being implemented world-wide.

Max TapWater is a finalist in the sector of Water, but finalists have also been chosen in the categories of Earth, Fire, Air, Youth, and Energy for all.

At the end of the year the international winners will be announced. So stay tuned!

Congratulations to the wonderful Max Tapwater team: Riad Imam Mahmud, Maartje Pronk, Aminul Mridha, Sanatan Chandra Dey, and Amad Uddin Chowdury! 

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