Statement on COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic looming, life as we know it has suddenly been put on hold. International travel is almost non-existent, people are working from home (if working at all), and healthcare systems and their tireless workers around the globe are being spread thin.  While nations are pulling together all possible resources to broaden the capacity of their healthcare sectors, there are still many hard-to-reach regions in Bangladesh where access to centralized healthcare services is simply unavailable. In these regions the risks are highest, and prevention becomes the only real solution.

What is Max Foundation doing to help?

Max Foundation has a reach of 1.2 million people in Bangladesh, specifically in these hard-to-reach, low-access regions. The infrastructure of our Nutri-WASH program is set up with the distinct goal of raising awareness about (and providing the tools to implement) the importance of hygiene in stopping the spread of diseases. While the partial lock-down of Bangladesh has made the infrastructure less accessible, we fully acknowledge the opportunity to utilize it, and our responsibility to aid the prevention of the spread of COVID-19.

These are some of the steps Max Foundation is currently taking:

 All of last week, our regular call-centre activities (normally focused around M&E and our Payment By Result (PBR) method) made place for calls to inform and raise awareness about COVID-19 amongst regional governments and community leaders. Unfortunately, the call-centres had to be closed this week due to the lock-down. However:

Several of our partner NGOs are still active in the hard-to-reach areas where a lock down has not yet been imposed. They, as well as our Health Promotion Agents who are living in the rural communities themselves, are being updated daily with messaging on COVID-19, which they relay to the communities. These messages are in line with the government’s messaging, and consist mainly of the importance of handwashing, keeping distance, and staying indoors.

 A COVID-19 mitigation team has been established internally between the teams in Bangladesh and the Netherlands, which will meet twice a week to discuss novel ways to tackle the closing infrastructure and the need for information-spreading

What is our promise to you?

As the situation changes daily, our course of action will change and develop too. We wish to ongoingly update you on what we are doing, how our beneficiaries are being affected, and how we can all help flatten the curve – or prevent large-scale infection – in the hard-to-reach areas we operate in. We will post updates here, and are always open for communication and suggestions from your side.

Stay healthy and safe! 

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