Cyclone Bulbul hits Bangladesh and India

A severe cyclonic storm has hit Bangladesh and India this past week, causing damage and loss of life in both countries. So far, 20 people have died, 12 in India and 8 in Bangladesh, and millions have been displaced. Around 2.1 million people across Bangladesh have been relocated to cyclone shelters. (Guardian). 

What is being done?

Max Foundation, along with local partners, is assessing the extent of the impact of the cyclone on Max Foundation’s project areas in Bangladesh. Three regions in which Max Foundation operates have been affected by cyclone Bulbul, namely Satkhira, Khulna and Patuakhali. All staff members of Max Foundation and its partner organisations are safe and unharmed. Some project areas remain waterlogged due to flooding, which could affect programme implementation and cause delays as time is needed for waters to recede and for post-disaster recovery efforts.

Max Foundation will continue to monitor the situation closely, and see how it can help local parties & communities.

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