MaxPBR nominated for the Impact Challenge Award

Max Payment-by-Results (MaxPBR) is already changing the way we do business in Bangladesh. And now with our nomination for the Impact Challenge Award, we hope to also influence our peers closer to home.

What is MaxPBR? Programme management that links performance to financial incentives. We no longer monitor and pay implementation partners for activities (such as information workshops or building a well) but on results: improved child health.  

Success = Everyone focusing on end results – child health – rather than activities. Effective programmes with greater impact. 

This is a radical shift for us and for the sector.

About the Impact Challenge

The Impact Challenge is a sector broad initiative with the aim to increase and display the social impact of charity organizations.

 The Impact Challenge Award is the development award for charity organizations who went through a remarkable development in the area of working impact-oriented and who want to share their experience and knowledge with fellow NGOs and International Organizations.

 The Award is made possible by Nederlandse Postcode LoterijABN AMROImpact Centre Erasmus and the consultants Avance ImpactMDFSinzerShape Your World


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