Vintura Continues Its Support for Max Foundation

Original article published by Vintura, on 9 January 2019.


2018 is the sixth year in a row that we made a donation to Max Foundation. Why this organisation in particular? Max Foundation is committed to preventing child mortality in the most efficient and effective way. They take a commercial approach, focusing on ‘Max value for money’. This means that they continually ask themselves: ‘Can’t we do this in a better, more innovative and more effective way?’ Ewoud Ravenshorst, senior consultant at Vintura, has volunteered for Max Foundation for years: ‘I’ve seen with my own eyes how the commercial approach really leads to maximum impact. That’s why I’m happy and proud that Vintura supports Max Foundation.’ Of each euro that they spend, € 0.88 goes directly to the project, and the Foundation keeps a close eye on the outcomes. 


The programme that we’ll be supporting this year through Max Foundation is Max Healthy Village. This is an innovative programme in Bangladesh that aims to give children under the age of five a healthy start in life, in order to reduce the incidence of growth retardation. Max Healthy Village improves the lives of children by creating sustainably healthy communities. 

If you want to keep children healthy, you need a healthy community. That’s why we’ve made the ‘Max Healthy Village’ concept the foundation of our main programme. In the poorest, most remote communities, we are helping to lift entire villages to a new level of well-being by implementing a combination of WASH, safe motherhood and knowledge about healthy nutrition. One of the best aspects of this project is organising growth measurement sessions for parents and guardians of young children in the village community. This is similar to the child healthcare centres that we are familiar with in the Netherlands. The public sessions have proved to be extremely effective in securing the support of the village, as well as ensuring the active involvement of and lasting behavioural change in the parents.

Max Healthy Village

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