In 2006 we installed our first ever water well, to meet again with the children in Ramballov in 2018

2 January 2019, Amsterdam

How to celebrate the pleasure of having fresh water every day? Leave that up to children! In 2006, the youth of the village Ramballov cheerfully witnessed the installation of Max Foundation's first water well. 

Recently, our founder and Director Joke Le Poole, had the chance to go back to where it all started for Max Foundation. And we thought that you might be curious to join us on this flash-from-the-past journey. Can we still trace back the children from the photo made in 2006? And, what became of their lives? 

A Flash From the Past

Now at age 18, can you recognise the young 6-year-old with the shaven haircut on the photo? It is him, in the green t-shirt on the right photo. Najam grew up to become a proud student in the local madrassa, Arabic school. Up till today, he still remembers the installation of the water well. Since then, deep tube well #001/06 has been his source for daily bathing and drinking water. The water well, as we see, still functions perfectly, and provides the whole village with safe and clean drinking water.

Halima, age 20, was the little girl standing in the back of the photo. She is now married and still uses the water well for washing and drinking for her daily life. 

We are proud to hear from Halima and Najam how they grew up healthy over the last 12 years. It demonstrates once more how important it is to work on sustainable solutions for child health. 

Fun fact: Did you know that Max Foundation's founders used the signboard of the first water well in Ramallov as inspiration for the birth announcement card celebrating their baby son Friso?

About Max Foundation

Since the start of Max Foundation, we have reached more than 2 million people in South Asia. Over time, we got smarter, more efficient and effective in our work. And even though significant progress has been made, our work is more necessary every day. Access to clean water, improved sanitation and hygiene facilities remain crucial for child health.

289,000 children worldwide die every year from diarrhoeal diseases caused by unsafe water, sanitation and hygiene – that's one child every two minutes. 

The lost generation: 
155 million children worldwide under five are stunted (being too short for one’s age), their development damaged irreversibly by chronic malnutrition, seriously limiting life potential. Stunting can link to infections caused by poor hygiene. 

Today, at Max Foundation, we innovatively combine our efforts to improve the local water situation, together with stimulating better sanitation, hygiene services and nutrition. Studies show that this method can be up to three times more effective in promoting child health by tackling stunting.

We involve entrepreneurs, communities and local government right from the start to stimulate and guarantee local ownership and long-lasting change. By doing this, and by integrating WASH with Nutrition, Max Foundation effectively creates sustainable change, which makes a real difference in child health - from generation to generation.

Historical timeline_Max Foundation_Child Health_Nutrition WASH 2018

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