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At Max Foundation, in our journey to be most effective, we love to join forces with like-minded spirits. Our latest addition is the Kinder platform, an online one-stop-shop for effective giving that connects individuals to causes they care about. We are proud to be part of Kinder and feel excited to continue our efforts together to always become more effective and impactful through actions that make a real difference.

According to The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the rate of mortality for children under five has been cut by more than half (58 percent) since 1990. And in even better news, the reduction in child deaths has increased from under two percent in 2000 to four percent in 2017.

The same report shows that Bangladesh has done a particularly outstanding job at decreasing their child mortality rate by almost 80 percent since 1990. They also have a higher than average annual rate of reduction at 5.5 percent.

“Among undernourished children who survive, more than one quarter suffer from stunted growth, which can impair neurological development and learning.” -Bill Gates

In October, the World Bank released their human capital index — a measurement of child survival, school enrollment, quality of learning, healthy growth and adult survival to estimate how much of its full potential a generation might reach in each country.

When it comes to investing in future generations, at a productivity potential of 48 percent, Bangladesh is doing better than average for its region and is ahead of both India and Pakistan.

Although it's better than nothing, this still means that children are likely to reach less than half of their full productivity potential. While child mortality has dropped in the country, many children still suffer stunted growth from inadequate nutrition. To increase their productivity potential, Bangladesh must continue investing in child mortality reduction and increase investment in nutrition and education.

Max Foundation is part of the success in reducing child mortality rates in Bangladesh and is continuing to work to make sure that children are healthy and thriving. 

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