A warm welcome to Kate Pearson!

Max Foundation has big plans for the coming years and we need the right people to help us grow! That’s why we’re delighted to welcome Kate Pearson as Director of Business Development. She joined our Amsterdam team in April 2017 and brings 20 years’ experience in community-based, sustainable development in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Kate is originally from Alaska, USA but has made The Netherlands her home since 2011. She lives near Utrecht with her partner and their 3 kids. She has worked for various organisations like Wetlands International and Habitat for Humanity and is passionate about Max Foundation’s business-minded approach to fighting child mortality. We caught up with her after her talk at the event, ‘Phase out strategies in the WASH sector’, to see how her first months have been:

You’ve been with Max Foundation for about two months now. How has the transition been?

It’s been interesting and exciting! My last job was with Wetlands International, an organisation dedicated to safeguarding and restoring the world’s wetlands. They have a strong scientific approach—which is great—but I’m really inspired by Max Foundation’s entrepreneurial spirit. For me, it’s refreshing to see how that spirit pervades its entire organisational culture. It’s dynamic, fast-paced and really motivating for me as a new team member.

What drew you to the Max Foundation?

Well, I’m really drawn to Max Foundation’s belief in ‘effective altruism’, in other words, how can we help those in need in the most cost-effective way possible? We believe that every child’s life is important, which is why we take a practical approach to creating short-term projects with long-term impact. Ultimately, we aim for healthy communities that can sustain themselves.

What are you going to focus on as Director of Business and Development?

Monitoring and evaluation is high on Max Foundation’s priority list. We intend to triple our impact, and to do that, we have to triple our funding. This means we need to make a strong business case for investors, and to make a strong business case, we need solid data. If we want to convince potential investors that our approach is the most efficient and effective, we need the numbers to prove it. As Director, I will be working with the team on our new payment-by-results method, which allows us to strengthen productive relationships with partner NGOs and improve our data collection at the same time.

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