2016 Annual Report: a milestone in maturity

2016 was a BIG year for us! We phased out long-term WASH projects in Bangladesh and launched new ones, prepared for expansion into Nepal and Ethiopia, and created an ambitious plan to accelerate our impact. Most importantly, we learned valuable lessons to continue fulfilling our mission: to reduce child mortality in the most effective and sustainable way possible, to do good better.

We always enjoy the Annual Report writing process as it is a time to look back on the things we’ve accomplished and look forward to the exciting road ahead. In 2016, Max Foundation hit a ‘milestone in maturity’: we discovered that we are no longer a start-up NGO, but have gradually emerged as a fully-fledged actor in the international WASH sector.

Just a few highlights from the 2016 Annual Report:
- In 2016, we reached 258,820 people, including appr. 80,000 children, with WASH services and education.
- We trained over 200 pre-/postnatal care counsellors and developed over 200 Safe Motherhood Plans in Bangladesh.
- We signed a contract with the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Bangladesh, providing €4.9 million for our up-coming Max-WASH II programme and a total value of €13.1 million.
- We carried out 5 WASH-related projects, such as the Max Piped Water Business and Stunting Free Villages.

There’s so much more! You can check out the entire Annual Report here on our website. It contains detailed project descriptions, achievements and lessons learnt, as well as inspiring stories from the field and beautiful photography.

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