Twelve Dutch schools walk for WASH

On Thursday, 22 March the kids were at it again: schools from all over the Netherlands participated in the Walk for Water on World Water Day. This year, 1,250 students joined the walk to raise money for wells, latrines and hygiene education for their peers in Bangladesh.

For Dutch children, safe drinking water is never more than a few steps away. They simply open the tap at home or at school and there it is! However, in many countries around the world, children are not so fortunate. Millions have to walk an average of 6 km (4 miles) per day to collect drinking water. Together with Aqua for All and other partners of the Walking for Water Campaign, Max Foundation envisions a future where all children have nearby access to safe drinking water, proper sanitation and sufficient understanding of hygiene for healthy living.

Max Foundation was delighted to learn that 12 schools decided to donate the money they collected to WASH projects in Bangladeshi schools. On World Water Day, these Dutch students walked six kilometres, each carrying six litres of water in a Walking for Water backpack. This experience allowed them to carry the burden that children in developing countries bear every day.

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