Dutch government and Max Foundation reach millions in Bangladesh by leveraging

Amsterdam, 24th November 2016 – Development programme Max-WASH II aims to prevent child mortality in the most effective and sustainable way by supplying increased sanitation coverage to 441,000 people, safe water to 307,000 people and knowledge linked to better hygiene practices (WASH) to 1,3 million people in the southern provinces of Bangladesh. With the signing of the contract by Dutch NGO Max Foundation and the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in Bangladesh, the Dutch government will hereby be providing a 4.9 million euro funding for this programme with a total value of 13,1 million euros. The key to this success is the smart leverage model the NGO developed to engage and enable the local communities in an effective and sustainable manner.

Joke Le Poole, Director Max Foundation and Ambassador Leoni Margaretha Cuelenaere

The Max-WASH II programme has been developed after the success of Max-WASH I, which was co-financed by Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in 2012 with 3 million euros and completed in mid-2016.  The 6 million euro programme, realized safe drinking water, sanitation and hygiene education for almost 900,000 people in Bangladesh in order to save as many children’s lives as possible in the most sustainable and effective way. For every €1 that Max-WASH I provided in subsidies, local households themselves spent €4.51 of their own savings and local government provided another €1.09, resulting in a leverage of €5.60 from local resources.

‘Leverage is a key component in the Max-WASH model: co-financing enhances ownership and sustainability. The first step in our programme however, is engaging people through education. Once committed to improvement, we build and strengthen sustainable market models, thus creating opportunities for local entrepreneurs to develop demand-based sanitation products and services and arrange subsidies for the ultra-poor. Our programme is designed for people themselves to invest in and improve their situation, which is far more effective and sustainable than old school charity funding’, says Mrs. Joke Le Poole, Director of Max Foundation. Click for more information about the Max-WASH II programme.

The Dutch approach in development aid
In 2015 Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation, Ms. Liliane Ploumen, launched the target to give 50 million people access to improved sanitation and 30 million people access to clean drinking water by 2030. This new programme of Max Foundation contributes to the realisation of this target and has as such been funded by the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands.

For development programme Max-WASH II, besides the sum requested from the Embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands, Max Foundation will also attract €2.3 million from other donors. ‘In addition, we expect the local communities and local government to invest €5.9 million, leveraging the worth of the programme to an estimated total value of €13.1 million’. Overall the programme will deliver increased sanitation coverage to 441,000 people and safe water to 307,000 people and knowledge linked to better hygiene practices to 1.3 million people.

About Max Foundation
Max Foundation is named after Max Le Poole. Max was born on July 24th, 2003 in Amsterdam and died of a viral infection on March 30th, 2004. His parents Joke and Steven Le Poole founded Max Foundation in 2005. Its mission is to save as many children’s lives as possible in the most effective and sustainable way, giving children a healthy start in life.  Every day, nearly 16,000 children under five years old die unnecessarily from infectious diseases like diarrhoea. Max Foundation believes that a holistic and integrated approach can tackle the root of child mortality, morbidity and impaired child growth, and this is best done through collectively addressing practices in the areas of WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), nutrition, safe motherhood and sexual & reproductive health. 

We aim to be as effective and sustainable as possible by using proven and innovative approaches on community strengthening, institutional embedding and sustainable market models. We envision a world in which easily preventable diseases are no longer a cause for mortality among children under the age of five. Click for more facts about Max Foundation.

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