Dutch school children raise €60,000 for their peers in Bangladesh

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How does it feel to walk 6 kilometres with 6 liters of water on your back?

This is what primary school children throughout the Netherlands were able to experience, during the annual event "Walking for Water" in March this year. Sponsored by friends, neighbours and family, they collected money to provide their peers in Bangladesh with one absolute primary need: clean drinking water. Near to 1,500 children walked especially for Max Foundation.

"We raised so much money!"
The children have raised more than €40.000. And our partner Aqua for All*, has increased this amount, so that in total €60.000 has been raised. A young participants enthousiastically calls out: "wow, that's so much money!".

The International School of The Hague is doing this for the 6th year in a row. Our colleague Kaat Burbidge was there with them. "The crowds of kids carrying all those blue rugsacks, helping our cause, is always impressive to witness. But I must say, it was also great to see how driven and professional the organising team was. People working behind the scenes always work so hard, all to help children in Bangladesh"

A heavy bag!
Some bags looked particularly heavy. A young participant told Kaat: "I didn't have any bottles at home so I just stuffed as many books into my bag as possible". It was clear: the children were certainly very committed!

What will we do with the money?
With the amount that the participants raised they support one of our school sanitation projects. It enables us to provide 7,500 school children in the south of Bangaldesh with clean water. They will also get seperate girl-boy toilets and education on hygiene. The combination of these three elements tackles child mortailty in a very effective way. And that's what we continue to work on!

On behalf of Max Foundation, we would like to thank all children from the following schools:
De St. Nicolaasschool
De Beurthonk in Odijk
De Barbaraschool
De Anne Frankschool in Bunnik
De Delteykschool
De Werkhof in Werkhoven
De Mauritsschool in Nieuwegein
De Vijverhof in Voorburg
De Eerste Montessorischool
De European School
The International School of The Hague in Den Haag
IPS Violenschool in Hilversum

 And also thanks to all teachers, parents and Rotary in Bunnik and Nieuwegein for all their help and input!

* Aqua for All is a non-profit organization established in 2002 by the Dutch water sector. They are a well-known source of expertise on water, sanitation and hygiene-related challenges, offering a broad range of services to the public and private sector. With their business-like, efficient and result-oriented approach, they inspire and support their stakeholders to help the world’s Base of the Pyramid gain sustainable access to safe water and adequate sanitation.

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