Safe water for farmers and households thanks to Aqua for All

Five new water towers, giving clean and safe water to households and farmers will be built in one of the driest regions of Bangladesh. Our partner Aqua for All has just confirmed their funding for the three-year project ‘Max Piped Water Supply’ involving the construction of these towers.

Placing 'just any well' won't work

Currently, 80% of the people in this region suffer from an acute water shortage. The wells installed in the past have been poorly maintained and were not deep enough, resulting in unsafe water containing high levels of arsenic and iron. And during the longlasting droughts the wells are dried out. So it's clear now that you cannot just drill any well. The new water towers provided by the project will extract water from deeper ground levels. Through a network of pipes they will provide water in these hard-to-reach, rural areas of Northwest Bangladesh. Around 18,000 people will have access to this.

Entrepreneurs as well as education!
Max Foundation is always looking for solutions that are effective to improve people’s health on a longterm basis. So apart from constructing water towers, the project involves informing people about the benefits of proper hygiene and encouraging them to purchase their own toilets. This project also stimulates market development, for example by setting up five new local companies to maintain the water systems. This combined approach results in much more impact in preventing water-related diseases such as diarrhea; often life-threatening in such areas, especially for young children.

More economic benefit: water for residents ánd farmers
This project promotes an integrated approach toward water management, in that agricultural water requirements are factored into the plans for these water towers. This makes the economic benefits much clearer for people, motivating them to maintain the facilities properly.  Additionally, the cost of drinking water will be lower, making it much more affordable to communities. 

In order to be able to start this project we are still looking for additional funders. If you are interested please contact Kaat Burbidge through or +31(0)6 401 23913.

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