Ambitions for 2016: exciting new projects

Great plans on a global scale
Most of us are familiar with the Millennium Development Goals. As these expired, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were officially adopted in 2015, during the UN September summit in New York. These goals go much further than the 'MDGs', addressing the root causes of poverty and the universal need for development that works for all people. Max Foundation is very happy with these global ambitions, specifically about the third SDG: promoting healthy lives and wellbeing, and the sixth: addressing clean water and sanitation. As our Dutch Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen put it: "… fighting poverty and sustainable development are two sides of the same coin"!

Inspired by these developments and our results up to now, we have set our ambition to reach 3 million more people with our ‘Max WASH approach’ within the coming 5 years.

What are our plans for 2016? 

1. Beautiful Nepal here we come! 


Crossing borders for new Max-WASH projects
Up to now Max Foundation has focused on reducing child mortality in Bangladesh. But we never intended to stop there of course. We believe the approach we use can have great impact in many other places too. We did extensive research, looking at aspects such as child mortality rates, possibilities for cost-effectiveness, accessiblity for our staff and exsisting activities to link to. As a result we are excited to announce that this year we are setting up our first projects in Nepal!

2. Serious ‘water business’ in dryest areas of Bangladesh 


Max Piped Water Supply’ project
This year the building of new water towers in Northwestern Bangladesh will begin, as part of our Piped Water Supply project. In this region the drinking water is currently too contaminated or not accessible during the drought periods. The towers will be built by local partners. And entrepreneurs will be trained to set up specialised businesses to maintain these water systems and provide sanitation products. To increase the economic value of the project, the towers will provide safe drinking water as well as water for agriculural crops.  As a result almost 18.000 people will get access to this water. Thanks to funding from Aqua for All we can start this work this year!

3. New discovery on ‘disturbed growth’ in small children

Stunting Free Villages
In many areas in Bangladsh, children suffer from stunted growth. This can lead to reduced cognitive ability as an adult, limiting their work productivity. Previously it was assumed stunting is linked to malnutrition only. However, researchers discovered it is a result of infections resulting from eating soil. Especially young children are then not able to absorb enough nutrients in the gut. This discovery has lead to our approach 'Stunting Free Villages', where nutrition as well as hygiene is included in our education programme. We will start with a new local partner in the district Siranjgang, where almost half of the children under five are stunted. This project is co-funded by Ineke Feitz Stichting.

Would you like to fund one of these projects?
We are still looking for funders for our work on the Piped Water Supply-project and stunting free villages. If you are interested please contact Kaat Burbidge-van Velde to discuss the possibilities via or +31 (0)6 4012 3913.

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