Highlights 2015


A tiny mole the size of child’s hand, can dig an undergroung tunnel system of up to 3 square kilometers; larger than the state of Monaco. Thanks to its large front paws and smooth coat, no large digging machines are needed...

This is like Max Foundation: small, yet very effective and ambitious. Our goal is to get the maximum out of any euro we receive. And with that, we want to save as many children’s lives as possible. Since our establishment in 2005 we have reached one million people with clean water and proper sanitary facilities. And last year we celebrated this achievement.

But even a mole can’t be successful just like that; it needs the ground need to be suitable, enough food and space. So what do we, as an NGO, need to have an impact? To illustrate some important aspects, we would like to share with you some highlights from 2015.


Beating your parents during the "Max Muddy Buddy Run"

2015 was our tenth anniversary. We wanted to celebrate this with a fun event for our donors and relations in the Netherlands. Together with our partner PWN, a Dutch water management company, we organized the Max Muddy Buddy Run in PWN's beautiful nature reserve. Together with the children and their parents we raised a total of € 92.000,- for new water wells in Bangladesh. Via a live connection with a Bengali school, children were able to cheer the young participants on.

An inspiration visit with our donors
To show how our donors contribute to making a difference in Bangladesh, we visited two of our projects in Patuakhali with them. Our partners Aqua for All, Ineke Feitz Stichting and SK Foundation saw with their own eyes the first measuring moment of a two-year-old child. We witnessed how the mother was confronted with the fact that her child was far too small for her age. She was visibly shocked and really had no idea. One month later the mother was proud to hear that her daughter had gained 300 gram!


A visit from the minister

In June we got a visit from the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, Melanie Schultz van Haegen, to one of our most important projects, ‘Max Value For Wash’, in Bangladesh. This received a lot of attention from the media. Our sustainable approach, one of a new generation of charities, received a generous compliment from the minister. Read the whole article here (in Dutch).

Are we effective as aid organisations?
In September a large report came out about the effectiveness of Dutch development aid organisations. The conclusion was positive. Minister Ploumen (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) said: 'It’s clear that Dutch NGO’s and their counterparts in the Global South know what they’re doing”. As Max Foundation we are of course happy with this conclusion. We also feel that the whole sector can do even better!


Max on national TV

The goal of Max Foundation is to ensure that projects are adopted on a local level. We, for example, ask communities to financially invest in the projects themselves as well. This is why it is also important that we are known in the country where we operate, and not just in the Netherlands. Our founders Joke en Steven Le Poole, together with our country director Riad Iman Mahmud, were interviewed on a popular TV talkshow that has 6 million watchers. Normally only politicians are invited to this show. Max Foundation was the first NGO! Watch the interview on You­­­Tube.

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