Recommendations for commitment Ploumen on water & sanitation

Minister Ploumen announced, during the Global Citizen Earth Day Festival on April 18th in Washington DC, a new commitment of the Dutch government to provide 50 million people worldwide with sanitation and 30 million people with clean drinking water in 2030. The ministry is currently working on a strategy to developing the commitment further.

26 members of the NGO platform within the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) congratulate the Minister on this commitment. They invite the Minister for a dialogue with the Dutch water sector, in particular with the members of the NWP NGO-platform, on how this commitment can be materialized in a way that ensures a maximum impact. Therefore they have developed a set of eleven recommendations for minister Ploumen for the realisation of this commitment. The recommendations are grouped around four topics: access, sustainability, governance and finance.

The first set of recommendations focuses on targeting investments where the gaps are the biggest. The Minister rightfully targets more people for sanitation than for water, as that is where gaps are biggest. And the gap is also biggest in rural areas, where 90% of those without access to water supply and 70% of those without access to sanitation live.

Furthermore they emphasize on ensuring the sustainability of services like WASH facilities, but also commit to strengthen the capacities for sustainable service delivery. Ownership of local communities is also crucial for the maintenance and thus sustainability of WASH systems.

The final set of recommendations focuses on finance. Although the Dutch contribution is significant, still 50 and 30 million are just a drop in sea in view of the huge needs, particularly for sanitation. Leverage is needed to create the conditions for scale. The Dutch contribution should be used to leverage new funds into the sector. By using a mix of complementary funding channels in selected geographic areas, the enabling environment for creating a much bigger impact is achieved.

The NWP NGO-platform is well-prepared to work with the Minister to make these commitments come true, so that the 50 million people use a clean toilet every day, and that the 30 million people enjoy safe water flowing from their tap or pump, forever.

Read more: 11 Recommendations from Dutch NGOs to achieve the Washington commitment to sustainable water and sanitation services for the poor. Position paper by the NWP NGO-platform, final version, August 2015.

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