Workshop stunting free villages

Malnutrition rates in Bangladesh are amongst the highest in the world where 41% of children under five are stunted (too short for their age). Given the strong linkage between WASH and stunting, combined with the prevalence of stunting in our project area and the related impact on child mortality, we developed an innovative project on stunting in 2014 with the support of Mark Ellery (former specialist in Water & Sanitation at The World Bank).

The project is intended to trigger communities to create ‘stunting free villages’ and to engage them as principal action researchers in the project. The communities will measure the eradication of stunting and wasting in order to identify which interventions are the most successful within their local context. This concept is based on the successful experience of the sanitation movement to bring about a desire and responsibility amongst citizens to create ‘open defecation free’ jurisdictions.

Our project team would like to share the project concept with other relevant parties. On one hand, we can learn from the experience of existing and past projects and on the other hand, we can start building a critical mass to promote eradication of stunting on a national scale. For this purpose, we have planned a half-day brainstorming and experience sharing workshop on 13 April 2015 (10am to 1PM) at Conference Hall, Daily Bhorer Kagoj, Karnaphuli Media Point, 70 Shahid Sangbadik Selina Parveen Sarak.

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