Suisaya's story

Suisaya takes part in class four of the Yangsa School in Golkhali (Bangladesh). Only one year ago, there were no water and sanitation facilities at her school. She did not have anything to drink all day and when she had to go to the toilet, she walked into the field. As a girl, she always felt vulnerable. Since one year, Max Foundation, together with the school management, started a MAX-WASH project at her school. Now, there is a water well in the school yard and there are separated latrines for girls and boys. Since the water well and latrines are installed, children at her school suffer less from diarrhea. Diarrhea also declined as a consequence of hygiene education: all children learned to wash their hands after visiting the toilets. When we ask Suisaya about hygiene education, she says with a big smile: “I wash my hands when I have visited the latrine. You get ill if you don’t. I like to wash my hands.” 

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