Rubina's story

Rubina Begum lives in Chalitabunia village in Patuakhali. Her first child is 6 months old. His name is Hasib. Rubina was very happy since the pregnancy and birth of her child. A Max Foundation staff came by her house to register her child for growth monitoring. Soon after, Rubina participated in the courtyard meeting on eradicating stunting. Her son's height and weight were measured in the session. The results were not good. Hasib fell in to the yellow zone in both height and weight charts. Rubina became very concerned. she heard from the meeting that it is possible to overcome such problems within the first 1000 days of a child's life (period from pregnancy to 2 years after birth). Rubina took steps immediately. She started to wash her hands with soap and water before feeding her child and after cleaning his bottom. She regularly washed the entire family's clothes and bedsheets. She cleaned the baby's hands and tried to prevent him from putting dirty objects into his mouth. Since practising these behaviours, Hasib has moved from the yellow zone to the green zone on the growth charts. Rubina is now quite happy. She wishes to continue monitoring Hasib's growth even after the project ends by visiting nearby clinics.

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