Mahinur's story

Mahinur lives in Sataria, about eight hours driving from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. It is a remote area where the water is polluted with arsenic. As a consequence, people lack access to clean and safe drinking water. Mahinur has three sons of three, six and nine years old. Her husband is a driver and works in Dhaka. Since two years a deep tube well is installed in the village. Before the installation of the well, Mahinur had to walk twenty minutes forth and back with a heavy water jug. Since the well is installed, she notices that less people suffer from diarrhea. Mahinur is very happy with the MAX-WASH project: “During the courtyard sessions of the MAX-WASH project, I learned how to keep the water clean until use.” Proudly, she shows the latrine that she and her husband  purchased like other members of the community.

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