What have we learned from the research of the Impact Centre Erasmus (ICE) on interventions in the area of nutrition?

The ICE research shows that promotion of child growth monitoring (GMP) offers promising results. It triggers mothers to change their behaviour, also because the negative results of their child’s growth become visible to the whole community.

What does this mean for Max Foundation?
Max Foundation primarily targets positive behaviours with regard to child nourishment through promotion of growth monitoring (GMP). However, the evidence on the performance of GMP as a screening programme for malnutrition is weak. More research is needed to expose its effectiveness.

Breastfeeding is crucial in making a difference in the life of a child. However, the low occurrence of breastfeeding is often not due to lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of time. Many mothers must go to work for example, and are therefore not able to exclusively breastfeed their babies.

What does this mean for Max Foundation?
There is ample evidence, which clearly describes why breastfeeding is crucial in combating child mortality. Babies that have been exclusively breastfed in their first six months show good growth. Babies that have had this until the age of two, have less chance to contract infections and serious diseases. This also goes for children whose mothers are HIV positive. Adding education about breastfeeding to the programmes of Max Foundation is therefore a logical choice.