How we work

Preventing child mortality in the most effective and efficient way is our mission. In what other ways do we show this? We have a business driven approach; collaborative, sustainable, operational excellence, demand creation and always looking for MAX value for money. As a private initiative, founded by entrepreneurs we are highly committed to some business principles. 

Eventually, we are looking for sustainable solutions to prevent child mortality. Our approach is making local communities owner of our projects. Only when people invest in projects, they will be committed to manage them. Read more about our sustainable WASH service >

Together we achieve more. Every organization has its own expertise. By complementing our expertise, we strengthen each other. We work together with local communities, organizations and governments.

Operational excellence
We want to be top of the class. We continually challenge ourselves: can we be more innovative or effective? If we continually monitor and evaluate our work, we’ll get better, step by step. For example, Max Foundation enters into innovative partnerships on monitoring. We joined forces with Akvo to improve transparency within the WASH sector. Together we gather field information through mobile phones, using cost-effective smart phones. Our data collection becomes easier and less prone to mistakes, thus ensuring higher data quality.

MAX value for money
We want to create maximum impact with our scarce resources. How do we do this? For instance by benchmarking our projects and by optimizing our project costs. Also by focusing on the poorest people with the highest need. In their lives we can achieve the highest impact.

Demand creation
We do not impose anything on people, but only make them aware of hygiene practices. This new awareness creates a demand for safe water and adequate sanitation facilities. We don’t just give something away: we let people invest in water wells and latrines. Only in this way, we guarantee the sustainability of our projects. Click for more information on this approach!

Women and girls play an important part in our programs as they suffer the most from the lack of safe drinking water and sanitary provisions. Often they are responsible for fetching water. Also, they need to visit a toilet safely; without the risk of being assaulted, sexually intimidated or attacked by animals.