• Suisaya's

    Suisaya (Yangsa School, Golkhali, Bangladesh): “I wash my hands because I used the toilet. If you do not wash your hands after using the toilet you might get ill. I like washing my hands.”

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  • Kanchan's

    Kanchan and his friends collect water at the new water well (Golachipa Upazila, Bangladesh). The village chief says: “The clean water we now have access to contributes to a healthier community. We see many positive changes“

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  • Moulana's

    Moulana (Chittagong Hills, Bangladesh): “Thanks to the care during and after my pregnancy, I now know the importance of breastfeeding for my baby. My child deserves the best possible care.”

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S.M.A.R.T Charity

How do we maximize our impact per euro? Efficiency and effectiveness are at the heart of our organization. We believe that charity profits from a business driven approach. Or: we believe in S.M.A.R.T (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time bound) charity. At Max Foundation we work with our heart ánd our head in order to maximize our impact: saving as many children’s lives as possible.



We believe in the power of focus. The water and sanitation crisis is the second biggest killer of children under five years old. That’s why we chose WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) & HEALTH for the poorest communities in one region: South Asia.



We integrate extra HEALTH components in our WASH-method to make our work more effective. Furthermore, we cooperate with local partners and ensure sustainability and operational excellence by continuously monitoring and evaluating our work.



We focus on impact maximization and a change of habits in the long run. We are only satisfied when a maximum of children’s lives are saved with a minimum of resources. Or: when we get MAX value for our money.

Our impact

Safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) are essential elements of our approach to fight child mortality. To create the biggest impact, we developed our own MAX-WASH approach over the years: an integrated approach of WASH ánd HEALTH components, like safe motherhood and nutrition.

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Mahinur's story

Mahinur's story

  • 1.043.313 beneficiaries live a healthier life
  • 3.608 villages have access to safe drinking water
  • 19.348 latrines installed or repaired

Get involved!

Donate a water well? Or provide safe water, sanitation and hygiene to a whole village? At Max Foundation everyone can make a difference in their own personal way. In-kind contribution, organizing a sponsored walk or long-term partnership – everything is possible. The support of private individuals, companies and funds enables us to offer thousands of children in South Asia a healthy future.

As a company

Join Max Foundation as a partner and give children in South Asia a healthier future. There are several ways to join, for instance by compensating your water footprint as a company.

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As a fund

Create maximum impact in the fight against child mortality. We would very much like to get in touch so we can join forces for our common goals.

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As an ...

Indiviual, service club or school. Donate a well and give hundred fifty people access to safe water or organize a sponsored walk. We are happy to get together with you and think about other possibilities.

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a child's life

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