Recurrent donation

Maybe you prefer a periodical donation? If, for instance, you donate €15 a month, you will donate a water well within 2 years. Obviously, we are very happy to receive other periodical donations as well.

Did you know that periodical donations are attractive in fiscal matters? Max Foundation was awarded the Dutch fiscal ANBI-status. This makes periodical donations to Max Foundation tax-deductible. Since 2014, you can establish a periodic gift with:

- A solicitor
- In a written consent between yourself and Max Foundation

If you wish to create an agreement between you and the charity you wish to support, you can use example agreements created by the Belastingdienst. These examples are suitable for most situations. They can be used to put the agreement in writing. This way, you are certain that your contract meets the conditions of the Belastingdienst.

Max Foundation is a business-driven Dutch non-profit organization. We want to prevent child mortality in the most efficient and effective way. For every Euro donated to Max Foundation, a minimum of EUR 0.93 goes directly to our projects.