Walking for water

Participate in 'Walking for Water 2016' with your school at March 23. Walking for Water is a national sponsor walk for children in class 7 and 8 of elementary school.

The children walk on Wednesday, March 23 – or another day during Worldwaterweek – a distance of 6 kilometers with 6 liters of water in a Walking for Water-backpack. In this way children experience what their fellow children in developing countries experience every day. This achievement is sponsored by family, friends and neighbors.

Wednesday 23 March 2016 – or another day during Worldwaterweek.

Max Foundation uses the proceeds of the water walk for a water, sanitation and hygiene project in Bangladesh. The school is supplied by a water well, latrines and hygiene education.

The purpose of Walking for Water is to make children aware of water and sanitation challenges in the world. The school puts attention to the water and sanitation crisis in the weeks before Worldwaterday. Max Foundation will support them with a school package: a backpack with information about the project in Bangladesh. Furthermore, Max Foundation will organize an interactive workshop at schools in preparation of the sponsor walk.

Every school get feedback about the project they supported. Besides, every school receives a picture of the water well they donated with a board of the Dutch school next to it.

Do you want to participate in ‘Walking for Water’ with your school? E-mail us at: mailto: info@maxfoundation.org