Phase out strategies in WASH

Different pathways towards sustainability and public finance mobilisation 

This event aims to inspire and inform participants from the WASH sector on different pathways towards sustainability and domestic resource mobilisation when aid ends. Speakers from different types of organisation will reflect on their approaches towards exiting, and lessons learnt. Also, the event is a great networking opportunity, welcoming participants from the public, private and NGO sector, as there are drinks after the event.

When aid to the WASH sector ends, those involved (donors, NGOs, partner governments) need to develop appropriate phasing out strategies. These need to focus on sustainability of service delivery and the mobilization of domestic financial resources to avoid any financial gap. Pim van der Male, Kate Pearson and Patrick Moriarty speak about such strategies from the perspective of a donor, a NGO and a think-tank.

Recently, the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department (IOB) of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a critical evaluation on the impact of phasing out bilateral aid in a number of partner countries. The lessons learnt from this evaluation are important, as by 2020 Dutch bilateral aid to three more countries (Ghana, Kenya, and Indonesia) will end. These are all water partner countries of the Netherlands. It is thus incumbent on the Dutch WASH sector to think about strategies to sustain the results that have been achieved in decades of aid to the WASH sector in countries. Thought needs to be given to avoiding any financial gap. Domestic public finance will probably need to play an important role in this These are all issues also faced by NGOs, knowledge organisations and other players in the WASH sector when they end programmes and exit from a country or region. They need to carefully look at the role of local communities, and particularly local governments in this transition.

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Programme May 31st, 2017
16:30 Informal Welcome: Coffee and tea/networking
17:00 Welcome Stef Smits, Senior Programme Officer IRC
17:10 Introduction to the programme and speakers by the moderator Femke Markus, Associate Partner at Spring Associates & Business Development Water at Max Foundation.
17:15 'It’s (not) all about the money' by Pim van der Male, Senior Policy Officer Water Management DGIS Foreign Affairs Ministry of The Netherlands.
17:30 'Roadmap to Sustainability' by Kate Pearson, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Max Foundation.
17:45 'Exit strategy? What exit strategy?' by Patrick Moriarty, CEO at IRC.
18:00 Moderated interactive panel discussion with interventions from the participants
18:30 Closing remarks
18:40 Invitation to drinks and networking

Background information
Download kamerbrief 'vernieuwing ODA en partnerlandenlijst' 
Download summary of the IOB evaluation
Download WASH strategy 2016-2030 of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands

7AM, Buitenhof 47
2513 AH The Hague

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