We believe in cooperation. Every company or organization has its own expertise. And together we achieve more. Interested in the possibilities of a cooperation between your company and Max Foundation? Looking for an opportunity to apply your CSR policy? We would love to meet with you and create the best results for everyone involved!

Crucell employs a 4P CSR policy: Performance, People, Planet, Philanthropy. With their yearly donation, they apply their policies and offered already thousands of people in Bangladesh safe water, sanitation and hygiene education. Why Crucell chose for Max Foundation? They acknowledge the importance of our work and share our fight against easy preventable diseases. During several footprint travels, Crucell employees saw with their own eyes how their donations benefit the poor and marginalized people of Bangladesh. We are very proud of this partnership.

Bowls and Dishes
Bowls and Dishes developed a brand new tableware with water as a basic element of the design: WateR. The tableware has natural asymmetrical shapes and the typical print of the cover of a water well on every piece. Part of the revenue of this tableware is donated to Max Foundation.

The Bowls and Dishes WateR tableware is available in various homeware shops in the Netherlands and Belgium. You can find more information on