Get involved

Do your employees prefer to dó something? No problem: there are many ways to contribute to our mission in an active way. An example? You can organize an event, gala or diner with your company.

Sponsoring in kind is another possibility. A few examples for inspiration:

- Greetz sends a personalized thank you card to everyone who donates.
CBRE Global Investors DOF offers us office space for free. This way we save money that we can spend on many more projects in South Asia.
- Emakina is responsible for the creation of the website of our ‘Max Muddy Buddy Run’ free of charge.
- NoSuch Company designed – at a strongly reduced rate – this new website.
- Burst built this website –at a strongly reduced rate-.
- Cheel assisted us with our brand strategy free of charge.
- Platform P prints all our materials on communication for a highly reduced rate.
- Scribet wrote the teksts for our websites and our annual report.
- Studio RMP designs many brand materials at a strongly reduced rate.
- The biggest intern databank of The Netherlands,, offers us free advertising space.