1 litre for 1 litre

Made Blue is a Dutch social enterprise working on the principle of: a liter for a liter. Participating companies and organizations mirror their water consumption by investing in safe water projects in developing countries. Companies and organizations become aware of their water footprint, invest in their brand value and contribute to access to safe water in other parts of the world. Made Blue was founded in cooperation with Aqua for All and is amongst others supported by Royal Haskoning/DHV and PwC. 

Max Foundation and Made Blue work together since 2014. We are very happy with this partnership: “With the concept of ‘a liter for a liter’ we hope to motivate many more companies and organizations to enable access to safe water for everyone in the world.” (Joke Le Pool – Founder and Director Operations Max Foundation)

Made Blue is also happy with the partnership: “It is hard for us to imagine that one of your children can not go to school because he or she has to walk two hours forth and back to get a jerry can of water. Water that might even be polluted and your child might consequently get ill. Max Foundation has already achieved great results on safe water in Bangladesh. With Max Foundation as a partner we expect to increase our impact for the children in Bangladesh. ” (Machiel van Dooren – Founder Made Blue)

Mirror the water consumption of your company with an investment in safe water projects in South Asia>