Team Netherlands

Joke le Poole, Max Foundation, effective altruism

Joke Le Poole –Founder and Director

Joke and her husband founded Max Foundation in 2005. They had just lost their eight-month-old son Max who died from a viral infection. Inspired to turn tragedy into hope, Steven and Joke set out on a journey to give as many children as possible the future that Max never had. Having worked at Heineken in Innovation and supply management for almost ten years, Joke decided to fully commit to this cause. Now, twelve years later, she still enjoys managing her motivated team and stays closely involved with the projects on the ground. She is thrilled to see that so many children got a healthy future in the name of Max.

“We zijn nu meer dan tien jaar bezig en ik vind het geweldig om te zien dat er al zoveel kinderen een gezonde toekomst hebben gekregen in naam van Max."

Kate Pearson, Max Foundation, WASH

Kate Pearson – Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Kate joined the Max Foundation in April 2017 as Director of Business Development and Partnerships. She brings 20 years of experience in community-based, sustainable development in Africa, Asia and Latin America, working with various non-profit organizations. She has specialized in resource and project development and organizational strengthening.

“Max Foundation’s mission of preventing child mortality is special and inspiring.”

Anne-Marth Vrind, Max Foundation

Anne-Marth Vrind - Director Finance and ICT

Anne-Marth started at Max Foundation in June 2017 and brought over 25 years of work experience. Her goal is to optimize and transform processes, both in logistically and financially. She likes to work in the area of becoming aware of organizations to transform to a circular economy. After many years in the commercial sector, she had the strong desire to use her expertise for a sustainable impact with a business approach.

“Max Foundation was very clearly my spot. I became part of a team with a lot of knowledge, a strong inner drive and strength to inspire people as well as to set up projects implemented in an effective and transparent manner.”

Evelyn Boks, Max Foundation, Nutri WASH, philanthropy

Evelyn Boks - Relationship Manager

"Right from the start, I was impressed by my colleagues in the Netherlands and Bangladesh. Besides their obvious specialized, their remarkable level of involvement and perseverance make them stand out. The similar incredible drive is seen at the volunteers who make their time and expertise available for Max Foundation. Their dedication is nearly incomparable to what I've seen before. Equally, our donors who are always willing to go beyond their indispensable financial support, by to giving advice, sharing their network or helping in any areas they can. We all have the same goal; give as many children as possible the opportunity to grow up in a healthy way. That togetherness and determination creates a special, inspiring working environment!" Evelyn has a commercial background. With her extensive experience in relationship management, she chose the world of Fundraising in 2012. First for the Van Gogh Museum, managing the international network of private major donors. And, now, since April 2017 for Max Foundation where she is responsible for private and family funds as well as private major donors.

"It feels very valuable to be able to use my qualities for such a mission; help parents to give their children a healthy, bright future!''

Suzan van der Wilt, Max Foundation, Nutri WASH

Suzan van der Wilt - Portfolio Manager

In January 2017, Suzan joined the Max Foundation Netherlands office as portfolio manager. She was already very familiar with the organisation, as she has worked on business development for the Max Foundation Bangladesh office from 2015. Suzan is responsible for monitoring progress, assuring quality and reporting of all programs. Also, she is always looking at ways to expand the work of Max Foundation.

 "The mission of Max Foundation motivates me tremendously: to have the biggest effect on child health and child mortality possible – doing good better!"

Bram Pauwels, Max Foundation, Nutri WASH, Policy Advocacy, Communications manager

Bram Pauwels - Communication Manager

As most recent addition to the team Bram brings his skills in Digital Media, Strategic Communications and Public Relations to the team since 2018. He holds a BA in Communication and an MA in Political Science and Political Communication from Tel Aviv University, and worked among others as the Marketing Communication Lead for worlds largest entrepreneurial network for social innovation. As Communication Manager his is responsible for the positioning, visibility, and stakeholder engagement. In addition, he works on the development and expansion of our Impact and Evidence work within Max Foundation.

Judith Ros, Max Foundation, Nutri WASH

Judith Ros - Finance Officer

Over the past 10 years Judith for several human rights organizations. With a background in finance she could work in any sector, but she chooses to work for an organization that aims to make a difference. She is driven to work in areas where there is inequality and a lack of access to basic facilities and care. Her broad experience with financial grant management, liaising with both partners and donors, and her ability to simplify processes in order to make an organization more efficient are great assets to us!