Team Bangladesh

Riad Mahmud – Director

Riad worked for a couple of organizations that specialize in water projects. He worked for the Government of Bangladesh, BRAC and DAM (one of our partner organizations in Bangladesh).  Since May 2012, Riad is country director of Max Foundation Bangladesh. The original reason for Joke and Steven to found Max Foundation motivated Riad to become the local guardian of Max in Bangladesh and let him grow within the Bangladeshi children.

Kazal Adihul – Program Manager 
Kazal has a broad experience in the development sector and in the WASH sector in particular. Kazal has a very personal drive to work with Max Foundation. His wife faced a life threatening complication during pregnancy and was admitted in the hospital for a long time. The birth weight of his daughter was only three pounds and she suffered from birth asphyxia. Fortunately she survived the first critical 48 hours, but the experience inspired Kazal to work on Save Motherhood at Max Foundation.

Jamal Hossain – Finance
Jamal has over seven years of accounting experience in the development sector. He is passionate about transparency. Jamal is continuously looking for possibilities to reduce costs and increase the impact per invested euro. He stimulates our local partners to further reduce their overhead and other costs. And with success: Max Foundation Bangladesh was recently recognized as a ‘low overhead’ organization during an externally executed midterm evaluation.

Zillur Rahman – Manager Monitoring & Evaluation

Mohammad Irfan – Program Manager
Irfan is a creative engineer with WASH experience. In close cooperation with our local partners, he develops the low cost Max-WASH tube wells and latrines. Earlier, Irfan worked for another Dutch water project in Bangladesh. Both Irfan and Niels participate in the YEP program, an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Dutch water sector to train young potentials for and in the water sector.

Afroza Begum – Program Manager