Scale-up Strategy 2018-2021

Everything to save a child’s life

We aim to fight child mortality by providing a healthy start of life to as many children as possible in the most effective and sustainable way. We aim to be a gamechanger, bringing in business thinking for more effective solutions. We have reached almost 2 million people and aim to reach a total of 3 million by 2021. 

Despite progress made, our mission is still urgent. 

So, we set out to create a mutual 3-year strategy for the direction of Max Foundation; 

  • It relates to our ambition that by 2025 we triple our impact as a direct result of our work
  • This strategy has been developed through a consultation process with the Max Foundation MT and board review of several external and internal documents
  • We plan to review and update this plan on an annual base as the market and we are changing on an ongoing base and we need to continuously challenge ourselves

we aim to move beyond our role as Implementor & Innovator to influence the sector. And, the most interesting growth opportunities and strategy to focus on in the next three years are...

'Scale-Up Strategy':

Download the full report: 'Scale-Up Strategy - Strategic Plan 2018-2021