Max Le Poole

The Story of Max

Max Foundation is named after Max Le Poole. Max was born on July 24, 2003 in Amsterdam and died from a viral infection on March 30, 2004. The virus – which is not so uncommon – attacked his liver, intestines, lungs, brain and heart during one night. The latter proved fatal. Fortunately, it is extremely rare in the Netherlands that a healthy child dies so suddenly.

Max was an incredibly cheerful and extrovert boy – particularly for his age. Max played with other children and adults from an early age. He was full of life. Before he was 8 months old he could pull himself up and stand on his own. According to Steven Le Poole: “It is a great loss that his laughter no longer fills our house.”

Anne Enquist – a Dutch writer – wrote the book ‘Omslag’ about her deceased daughter. On the cover of the book she wrote: “My greatest loss is the realization that my daughter will not grow up in my time.” Steven and Joke Le Poole feel the same way. They want Max to continue to live and grow through the work of Max Foundation.