Local partners

Max Foundation believes in the power of networks. Every organization has its own expertise and together we achieve more. In Bangladesh we work together with the following local partners:

Aungkur Pali Unnayan Kendra is a Bengali non-profit organization and centre for rural development. The organization was established in 1989 and has been working in the Madaripur district since 1991. Aungkur aims to improve the social economic development of the poorest people in this area. At the moment Aungkur is concentrating on health projects, micro credit and education.

Jagrata Juba Shangha (JJS)
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SKS Foundation (SKS)
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Dhaka Ahsania Mission was founded in 1958 by Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah: an eminent educationist, reformer and Sufi. DAM visualizes a society that fosters humanity, spirituality, humility, equality and caring for nature. DAM is THE WASH pioneer in Bangladesh. Max Foundation works with DAM on improving child health through WASH in rural Bangladesh.

Stichting Land Ontwikkelings Project Bangladesh: a Bangladeshi organization with a Dutch name. Motalib, the founder, was adopted by a Dutch family when he was six years old. After finishing his studies, he and his partner Ingrid, decided to track down Motalib’s biological family. They were deeply moved by the poverty of their family and other Bangladeshi people. They founded SLOPB to improve the livelihoods of the people. Max Foundation works with SLOPB to improve the health of children in the rural south of Bangladesh.

Shushilan means 'endeavors for a better future' and was founded in 1991. The organization has a rich experience in working with local communities of the coastal region of Bangladesh. Shushilan wants to transform from a traditional NGO into a representative of local communities. This perfectly fits with Max Foundation's strong focus on community-led and community-owned projects. Max Foundation works with Shushilan to improve the health of children in the rural south of Bangladesh.

The Eco-Social Development Organization was initially founded to support the victims of the devastating flood that hit Bangladesh in 1988. ESDO grew to become an organization that strives for improving the livelihoods of the landless and extremely poor. They particularly focus on women and children. Max Foundation works with ESDO to improve the health of children in the slums of Northern Bangladesh.