Our interns make a difference

We are always looking for talented and ambitious interns to join our team. Also for English speaking students. 

Are you passionate, inquisitive and ready to make a difference? Join us now in one of the following areas:

"What’s it like to do an internship at Max Foundation?” Our interns tell their story!

Lotte Beekenkamp - Business Development

Doing an internship at Max Foundation has been a great experience. The people that I have had the pleasure to work with are all very inspiring, motivating and positive. Every day all the team members show such a strong commitment to the Max Foundation goals, which is to save as many children’s lives as possible and as an intern I strongly and almost automatically felt part of the team. The organization is relatively small and this made me feel at home, and it also meant that I was given a lot of responsibilities. I was challenged to take on new projects and to step outside my comfort zone. Every day as I went to work during this internship I felt like I was doing something worthwhile, which is a truly rewarding feeling/experience. 

Lotte den Daas - Communications

From the moment I walked out of my job interview I knew this was the place for me. We work with a small but fun team, and because of this you immediately feel part of the group. I am happy that I was allowed so much freedom during my work, I quickly got my own responsibilities and this motivated me even more. The Marketing and Communications internship has many different aspects and tasks, making everyday a different and special one. I was also looking for an internship with a lot of social contact, which I found here; it suited me perfectly. But above all, the reason why I walked into the office every morning full with motivation and left with a satisfied feeling was because I knew what I was part of. Every day at work I have been able to understand and see more of what Max Foundation actually does for the children in Bangladesh and Nepal. Being part of this, is the best feeling there is. 

Carlein Kuperus - Partnerships & Events

What would best describe being an intern at Max Foundation is: being inspired every day by the work that is being carried out by the organization and learning to challenge yourself in the way that you are taught to carry a lot of responsibility and work independently, as a full member of a warm and motivated team. It is an absolutely satisfying feeling, being fully accepted and respected as an actual team member, where all the work you carry out is being seen and appreciated. Working at Max Foundation really makes you feel that you are making a difference, not only for the children living in the project areas of Max Foundation, but also for the organization itself.  If you like to be inspired, challenged, and would like to learn something new about yourself as an employee in a positive and motivating work environment every single day, Max Foundation is the place to be!

Eva van Swaaij - Africa Research

In three words my internship at the Max Foundation was inspirational, enriching and rewarding. By being given the opportunity to lead my own research, interact with partners, and develop an inspiring future path for Max I was not just able to develop myself professionally and personally, but also to contribute significantly to the aspirations of the organization. I was initially sparked to apply at Max Foundation because I was captivated and inspired by their vision to create the most effective local approaches to improve child mortality and their capacity as a learning organization. This has been underlined even more while working with the passionate team in The Netherlands and has encouraged me to take more steps towards the development sector. I am confident an internship at Max would be a valuable addition to any student’s experience!